Rolling pin "Flowers Set"

Patterned rolling pin for gingerbread and cookies.

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Patterned rolling pin "Flowers set" for gingerbread and cookies. The tree is Beech. Size: 36x4 cm, working surface 18 cm. The rolling pin is impregnated with a mixture of oils. It's nice when cooking delicious and beautiful food can be simplified with just one item! The rolling pin is used for making painted, volumetric and printed gingerbread. With such an assistant, it's easy to get beautiful pastries, spending a minimum of time and effort. The appearance of beautiful prints on the test looks like a real miracle! Now there is a new drawing that will create a fairy tale on your table!The rolling pin is made using 3D engraving, which creates a special pattern. Before the first use, rinse well under running water with a mild detergent, dry. Periodically, it is recommended to lubricate a dry, clean rolling pin with warm linseed oil or a special composition of edible oils for wood. Do not wash in the dishwasher.

Fill your home with the smells of fresh pastries!

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