Patterned rolling pin "Hares"

Patterned rolling pin for gingerbread, cookies for mastic and clay.

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Our rolling pin for the dough will be the main assistant and a mandatory attribute in the kitchen. Wooden rolling pin - made of high-quality Beech wood. We select the best material so that the wooden rolling pin is as close to the ideal as possible.

Unique traditional patterns will decorate any holiday! The smell of freshly baked cookies will create comfort, and the patterns will draw a fairy tale on your table, gather the whole family at the festive table in the kitchen!

Patterned rolling pin with a pattern for gingerbread and cookies. Its size is 35x4 cm, and the working surface is 18 cm. The rolling pin is impregnated with a mixture of eco-oils. We recommend that before the first use, rinse well under running water with a mild detergent and dry. Periodically, it is recommended to lubricate a dry, clean rolling pin with warm linseed oil or a special composition of edible oils for wood. The rolling pin is made using 3D engraving, which creates a special pattern. The rolling pin should not be washed in the dishwasher. A reliable rolling pin will be useful in many ways - it is suitable for both baking and cooking delicious dishes, the foundation of which is the need to use dough. These kitchen utensils are made of natural wood, which means that the material is absolutely neutral and does not absorb, and also does not transmit even persistent odors. Its texture will become a real decoration of your table. Its shape has been tested for years. Handles allow you to roll out the dough easily and freely. An indispensable assistant for cooking dumplings, cookies, pizza and other pastries. The simple design makes it durable and wear-resistant. There are no age restrictions on use. It is safe and easy to operate. In the production of rolling pins, tree species growing in the central part of Russia are used. The texture of the wood will be an additional decoration of the hostess's kitchen. Eco-friendly wood material. It does not pollute nature and does not need to be recycled during disposal. It is recommended- Sprinkle the rolling pin in flour before use- Wipe it with a damp cloth after use.

The rolling pin is packed in a craft box with a cookie recipe. Fill your home with the smells of fresh pastries!

It will be a great gift for a loved one, grandmother, mother, sister, aunt, teacher, teacher, colleague. The pattern is Bunnies. The bunny is a symbol of 2023, with such a gift you will not have the question "what to give for the new year?".

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