Rolling pin patterned "Spring" large

Patterned rolling pin for gingerbread, cookies for mastic and clay.

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When most people think of rolling pins, they think of simple, smooth wooden rolling pins designed for everyday dough rolling. Patterned rolling pins are more decorative with intricate patterns engraved on their surface. These patterns are applied by 3D engraving, which allows you to create more detailed drawings that transfer stunning visual effects to any dough. With a little creativity and skill, you'll be able to create intricate sculptures and decorations with these smart kitchen tools.

Curly rolling pin made of beech for cookies, clay, mastic. A patterned rolling pin is a great gift for mom, grandmother, wife, sister, daughter, girlfriend, colleague. A patterned rolling pin is also a great gift for a birthday, housewarming, New Year, March 8, Teacher's Day, Mother's Day, wedding anniversary. A wooden rolling pin with a pattern for baking will please every housewife and bring joy to everyone who decides to treat themselves to cookies. With our rolling pins it is easy to create a warm and magical atmosphere in your home. Unique traditional patterns will decorate any holiday! The smell of freshly baked cookies will create comfort, and the patterns will draw a fairy tale on your table! The curly rolling pin is also suitable for those who are fond of modeling - it easily rolls out ordinary and polymer clay, also mastic, soft plasticine, creating a clear and polymer pattern. After use: clean the rolling pin with a dry stiff brush, rinse with warm water and wipe dry. After that, lubricate the work surface with linseed oil. It is not allowed to be washed in the dishwasher or soaked (the wood may crack from this). We wish you delicious pastries! Patterned rolling pin for gingerbread and cookies. Beech. Size 35x4 cm. The rolling pin is impregnated with a mixture of oils. Before the first use, rinse well under running water with a mild detergent, dry. Periodically, it is recommended to lubricate a dry, clean rolling pin with warm linseed oil or a special composition of edible oils for wood. Made of natural wood, the rolling pin is pleasant to the touch and safe for cooking.

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