Stand "Tea and cookies"

Eco-friendly products made of natural wood.

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The original stand for hot food made of natural wood will be appreciated by every housewife who likes to bring comfort and cleanliness to the house. This product can be a great gift to friends and colleagues, as well as an original corporate gift to employees or a partner. Wooden coasters for hot food are often used in cafes and restaurants. Such popularity is due to the mass of advantages of the product.

Beautiful coasters for hot will be an excellent decor for a modern interior. But other than that, they are very practical and functional. You no longer have to look for where to put a hot cup. And you don't have to worry that the surface of the countertop will suffer from high temperature. A stand for a hot mug will allow you to enjoy a fragrant drink even on the couch. Next to the cup there is a recess in which you can put cookies, sweets and other sweets.

A stand for hot "tea and cookies" will become an indispensable accessory if you like hot drinks. Size: 21x11x2.5cm. It can be used instead of a plate so that crumbs from sweets do not fall on the table and other surfaces. Therefore, there will always be complete cleanliness and order in your kitchen or workplace.

Gift packaging: A canvas bag with a ribbon.

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