Menazhnitsa "Pretzel"

Eco-friendly products made of natural wood.

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Menazhnitsa wooden "Pretzel" for serving dried fruits, nuts, cheeses, berries, sweets and various snacks. Size: 17x30x2.5cm. Weight 0.350 kg. We create menageries and cutting boards from solid ash. Kitchen boards are treated with tung oil, it is a natural eco-friendly antiseptic that protects the board from moisture and fungus. Tung oil prevents the board from drying out and increases the service life.

Our wooden serving board will emphasize the style of your home and create an atmosphere of comfort and warmth. A great New Year's gift and any holiday.

The menagerie has two sides, smooth for slicing food, and the side with a selection for serving and serving dishes and is used as a plate.After use, wash by hand, dry well. Do not wash in the dishwasher, soak in water, store near heating devices.

Gift wrapping. A canvas bag with a ribbon.

Ash grows throughout Europe and is quite resistant to environmental influences. The main thing that he needs is the presence of direct sunlight.

Its wood is strong and resilient. Ash is stronger than oak (4.1 vs. 3.7). At the same time, it lends itself well to processing.

Ash is decorative. Ash wood is very close to oak in its properties. It is also durable, wear-resistant and nobly beautiful. But its coloring is sunnier, lighter, and the texture is larger (depends on the type of ash). This is especially noticeable when comparing oak and ash parquet boards in natural shades.

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