Menazhnitsa "Angel Wings"

Eco-friendly products made of natural wood.

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Menazhnitsa "Angel Wings" for serving dried fruits, nuts, cheeses, berries, various snacks. Size: (LxWxH, cm) 30x15x2 cm, color ochre-yellow. We create menageries from an array of ash. The menagerie is treated with linseed oil, it is a natural eco-friendly antiseptic that protects the board from moisture and fungus. Linseed oil prevents the board from drying out and increases the service life. The menagerie has two sides, smooth for slicing food, and the side with a selection for serving and serving dishes and is used as a plate.

Our menagerie will emphasize the style of your home and create a mood and comfort.

After use, wash by hand, dry well. Do not wash in the dishwasher, soak in water, store near heating devices.

Gift packaging: A canvas bag with a ribbon.

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