A set of cutting wooden boards "Drop"

Eco-friendly products made of natural wood.

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A set of cutting and serving boards will be a useful accessory in any kitchen. The products are made in the form of drops with convenient holes. They allow you to place boards on the work surface or hang them on the wall. Made of solid natural wood, any cutting serving board from Loft Gallery Own Manufacture will last for more than one year.

A serving board made of wood will be an actual gift for any person who likes to cook and appreciates the comfort in the house. If you like to receive guests and surprise them with original dishes, then serving on a cutting board will definitely appeal to them. This product will fit into any style of serving. You can serve a wide variety of dishes on it — from fragrant steaks to slicing fresh vegetables.

Serving boards for serving dishes will not lose their attractive appearance even after many years of use. During production, they are rubbed with wax, mineral and tung oil. This coating is a protection against moisture, bacteria and dirt. With proper operation, each wooden board will last a long time, will not change its color, will not crack and will not absorb odors.
Gift packaging: A canvas bag with a ribbon.

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